Whilst planning for your wedding day is exhilarating as well as a dream come true, we also know it can be quite a stressful time. From the venue, to caterer, guestlist and of course the dress! We want to help take away some of your worries, by providing you with stylish yet affordable wedding shoes.

For all our Freelance lovers out there, you all know we have such a variety of beautiful heels. If you’re new here, head to our ‘Bridal’ category and see for yourself! We have a shoe for every bride, bridesmaid, maid of honor and of course, mother of the bride.

The Dress

For our brides-to-be; when choosing your wedding shoes there are a couple of things we suggest to keep in mind. First and foremost, the dress (duh!). Once you have found the perfect one, then you can make the decision on shoes. The colour and style of your dress will help determine the colour and style of the shoes. We would suggest only pairing a white coloured heel such as the ‘BOLT’ or ‘TRICK’ with a pure white or off white coloured dress. Anything darker could offset the balance. 

The next shades down are milk white and ivory. With these shades you could make a bit of a statement and opt for something with gemstones such as our ‘BROOKLYN’ or ‘ADMIRE’. You could even go with a wrap around heel like our ‘AVOCA’ in either gold or silver.

Then it starts to transition into your champagne and nude toned dresses. With these shades, a neutral nude such as the ‘LUCAS NUDE’ or ‘STEPH NUDE’ heels would suit perfectly. Beyond these coloured dresses are something with a slight pink or peach tinge. With these already being something a little more different than your traditional dress, pairing it with a clear heel such as the ‘TRICK’ or ‘KORTEZ’ won’t overdo the look.

 The Venue

Where you choose to have your wedding can play an important role in deciding which shoe to go for. If you're going for a luscious garden wedding or rustic barn fairytale (somewhere grass or uneven ground is involved) it would be a wise decision to go for something with either a block heel such as the ‘LUCAS’ or a small heel like ‘PRIDE’.

If you’re more of a modern day bride and wish to have a more city vibe wedding inside a venue room, then it’s safe to wear more of a stiletto heel such as our ‘MARIE’ or ‘ECLECTIC’. Keep in mind, comfort is also super important on your special day. While you may love the look of a stiletto for your photos, you could also bring along some more comfortable flat yet still divine sandals as an option to change into. ‘ASTINA’ or ‘AZAAR’ will do the  trick! 

The Bridal Party

I know, I know.. It’s all about the bride, but we can’t forget about her ride or dies in the bridal party. Whilst there are still some weddings that are very traditional, we know that we are in 2022 and if you want to mix it up, why not, right? For all of our quirky brides out there who want their bridesmaids in something a little different, we have pops of colour and unique style heels just for you. Our best selling heel ‘BROOKLYN’ comes in 6 different colours and our ‘TRICK’ stiletto heel comes in 3 bright colour ways as well as your classic white.

We of course can’t forget about the loving mother of the bride. If mum wants to keep it simple and comfy, our ‘SERAFINO’ wedged heel is ultra comfortable. If she wants to feel a bit more glam, we have some lower heeled options like our ‘MARIA’ or ‘OLIVIA’.


Freelance can’t wait to be part of your special day. We want you to have the most memorable and amazing wedding day possible and look forward to seeing what a stunning bride you’ll be in our shoes.

July 01, 2022 — Caitlyn Burke

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